&size(32){Tohoku Earthquake Tsunami Information};

At 14:46 local time on March 11, 2011, a magnitude 9.0 earthquake occurred off the coast of northeast Japan. This earthquake caused a tsunami which attacked Japan as well as a wide range of localities around the Pacific Ocean. This site provides information following the 2011 Tohoku Pacific Ocean Tsunami and is maintained by the Coastal Engineering Committee of the Japan Society of Civil Engineers.


* Updates [#f61d74d6]
-2011/03/29 Future survey plan
-2011/03/26 Satellite/Aerial photographs
-2011/03/25 Computational Results
-2011/03/25 Research and Information
-2011/03/23 Research and Information

* Future survey plan [#f61d74d6]
- 2011/03/29 &color(red){UPDATE!: -UPDATE OF 29 MARCH 2011 ON POST-TSUNAMI SURVEYS IN TOHOKU-)};

- &ref(note_29Mar2011_ver5.pdf);

- 2011/03/16 -Regarding decisions of the timing to start academic research on the Pacific coast of Northeast Japan (Fukushima, Miyagi, and Iwate prefectures-

- &ref(AdvisoryTsunamiSurveys.pdf);

- 2011/03/16 -Important notice for foreign researchers about field surveys in Tohoku and other area-

- &ref(110316note1.pdf);

- 2011/03/13 Please do not enter the Tohoku area because rescue activities are still ongoing. We will provide further information on this website

* Research and Information [#qfb4cdf2]

** Preliminary Report [#z3a6b65e]
- A preliminary investigation. Note not corrected for tides (last updated 2011/3/23).

- Google Earth KML file (last updated 2011/3/25):
-- &ref(tsunami2011_height.kml);