Journal of JSCE B2(Coastal Eng.)vol.77, No.2
Online Submission and Review System

Abstract submission was closed (Mar.17, 2021)

Submission categories

Standard submission (Need to submit "Extended abstract" since 2021)

  • Please submit two page abstract first. After reviewing the abstract, you may submit full paper (six pages) in May.
  • All the accepted abstracts will give oral presentations at the 2021 JSCE Coast. Eng. Conference.
  • Once the first reviewed abstract was accepted, you need to submit the “Extended abstract”, mandatory (from 2021). The extended abstract will be three pages. The title of the paper, name(s), and affiliation(s) of the author(s) are added to page 1 (journal information is optional). The next two pages are the same as the submitted abstract for review. But, please check the copyright of figures in the extended abstract. If needed, you can modify the text and figures.

Please check the Submission flow (update 2021/2/28)

Format of extended abstract

If you cannot get a permission from publishers, please delete figure(s). If necessary, the entire page for figures can be omitted, and submit the extended abstract with 2 pages, i.e. page 1 for the information of the paper and page 2 for sentences. (2021/2/5)

Sample format of the extended abstract(MSword)(update 2021/2/5)

■Chrome has enhanced security and may not download even if you click buttons. Please use files after saving (respond to a warning) the file by mouse-right-clicking. (2021/2/28)

Outline of Review Process

Abstract SubmissionUpload an abstract(pdf) through on-line submission system
Result of Abstract ReviewConfirm results after receiving e-mail from the system
Extended abstract submission PDF file via the web-siteSubmitting Manuscript PDF file
Full paper submissionUpload a full paper(pdf) through on-line submission system
Result of full paper ReviewConfirm results after receiving e-mail from the system
Submission of Final Manuscript PDF file via the web-siteSubmitting Manuscript PDF file


Mar. 1 On-line submission system opens (abstract)
Mar.1717:00On-line submission system is closed (abstract)
Apr. 117:00  Deadline of abstract review report
Apr.15 Notification of the abstract review results
May 2517:00Accepted after abstract-review; Deadline for on-line submission of full papers
Submit Extended abstract ➡ Submitting Manuscript PDF file
Jun.1017:00  Deadline of the 1st full paper reviews
Jun.1717:00  Deadline of the 1st full paper review report
Jun.24 Notification of the review results (with judgement from A to D)
Jul. 817:00Deadline for on-line submission of modified paper judged as B and C
Jul.1517:00Deadline of the 2nd Review of the full papers judged as B and C
Jul.22 Notification of the 2nd review results (papers judged as B and C)
Aug. 5 Deadline for submission of the final manuscripts accepted ➡ Submitting Manuscript PDF file

Submission of Abstract


Preparation/submission of papers

Notes on paper submission

General guideline

  • After submission of abstract, the author(s) CANNOT WITHDRAW the manuscript and needs submit full manuscript after the first round review. If you withdraw after the first round review, there is disadvantage of future submission of your manuscript.
  • Multiple submission is not allowed in any languages

Title and list of authors

  • After the review of the abstract, it is not allowed to change either paper title or list of authors.
  • Title may be changed only if recommended by reviewers.
  • Paper title and authors must not be changed from those registered on-line for the first abstract review process. Since the reviewers of each paper are selected based on these information, changes of title or authors list are not allowed. If you need to change those information for certain unavoidable reasons, please submit a letter to Editorial board of the Journal of JSCE, Coastal Engineering, before the submission deadline of the full paper. The letter must have signatures of all authors and need to clearly describe the reason why the changes are needed.


  • We accept paper submission in pdf format only
  • Sizes of submitted papers are limited:
    • Abstracts:2MB
    • Full papers:6MB
  • We do not allow submissions of multiple papers by the same presenter.
  • Please refer to note for reviewer about nomination process of the paper award of Journal of JSCE (in Japanese).

Copyright Transfer Policy

  • The copyright (including the rights specified under Articles 27 and 28 of the Japanese Copyright Law) of all articles in the Paper is attributed (transferred) to JSCE upon the paper submission through the on-line submission system
  • In principle, JSCE will not prevent authors from using the whole or part of their articles in the form of photocopy, translation or adaptation. However, authors should notify JSCE when they put their articles in full on the web.
  • When the third person applies for use of the whole or part of the article, JSCE can give him/her permission unless deemed inappropriate. In such a case, JSCE will later notify the author of how his/her article is used.
  • The on-line submission system allows you to submit the final manuscript only when the authors agree the Copyright Transfer policy of JSCE by clicking on the "accept" button which confirms your agreement.
  • Submission of the final manuscript through the on-line submission system is thus regarded as the proof that all the authors agreed on the Copyright Transfer policy of JSCE.
  • Detailed document for JSCE Copyright Transfer policy is found here(in Japanese).

List of materials

Paper formats for both abstract and full paper can be downloaded from the page of paper format.


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