Coastal Engineering in Japan

Table of contents

VOL. 1, 1958

Title Author(s) Pages
Study on the Typhoon Characteristics in respect of Wave Development and the Distribution of Longshore Current Yasuo MASHIMA pp. 1-20
Type of Breakers , Wave Steepness and Beach Slope Shoitiro HAYAMI pp. 21-23
Pressure of the Breaker against a Vertical Wall HAYASHI and HATTORI pp. 25-37
Experimental Study of Wave Run-up on Sea Wall and Shore Slope SATO and KISHI pp. 39-43
Effect of a Jetty on Nearshore Currents SHIMANO, HOM-MA and HORIKAWA pp. 45-58
An Experimental Study on the Effect of Coastal Groihs K. HORIKAWA and C. SONU pp. 59-74
Experimental Study on the Equilibrium Slope of Beaches and Sand Movement by Breaker Y. IWAGAKI and T. SAWARAGI pp. 75-84
Study on Littoral Drift and Longshore Current Yasuo MASHIMA pp. 85-96
On the Investigation of Beach Erosion along the North Coast of Akashi Strait T. ISHIHARA, Y. IWAGAKI and M. MURAKAMI pp. 97-109
Sand Transport along a Model Sandy Beach by Wave Action K. SHINOHARA, T. TSUBAKI, M. YOSHITAKA and Ch. AGEMORI pp. 111-130
Field Investigation of Suspended Littoral Drift H. FUKUSHIMA and Y. MIZOGUCHI pp. 131-134
Consideration by Fundamental Test of Jetty in River Month Tamotsu KUBOO pp. 135-147

VOL. 2, 1959

Title Author(s) Pages
FIELD INVESTIGATION OF WAVE FORCES ON BREAKWATER T. Kuribayashi, Y. Muraki and G. Udai pp. 17-27
FUNDAMENTAL STUDIES ON THE DYNAMICS OF SAND DRFTS (Repot 1 and 2) T. Ishihara, T. Sawaragi and T. Amano pp. 35-52

VOL. 3, 1960

Title Author(s) Pages
Studies on Meteorological Tides at the Mouth of the Tone River T. Kishi, M. Tominaga and I. Oeda pp. 1-8
On the Similitude of Hydraulic Models Involving Tidal Motion S. Hayami, H. Higuchi and K. H. Yoshida pp. 9-20
On the Density Currents in the Estuary T. Ito, S. Sato, T. Kishi and M. Tominaga pp. 21-31
Tsunami Caused by Chile Earthquake in May, 1960 and Outline of Disasters in Northeastern Coasts of Japan T. Iwasaki and K. Horikawa pp. 33-48
Some Additional Remarks on the Chilean-Earthquake Tsunami K. Horikawa pp. 49-52
Wave Overtopping on Seawalls T. Ishihara, I. Iwasaki and H. Mitsui pp. 53-62
A Study on the Volume of littoral Drift Y. Mashima pp. 63-88
The Effect and Damage of Submerged Breakwater in Niigata Coast N. Shiraishi, A. Numata and N. Hase pp. 89-99
A Study on Beach Erosion at the Sheltered Beaches of Katase and Kamakura , Japan M. Hom-ma, K. Horikawa and C. Sonu pp. 101-122

VOL. 4, 1961

Title Author(s) Pages
A Note on the Storm Tide of the Japanese Coast S. Unoki pp. 1-10
On Storm Surges caused by the Ise Bay Typhoon and their Theoretical Computations M. Miyazaki, S. Unoki and T. Ueno pp. 11-22
Stability of the breakwater against Sliding due to Pressure of Breaking Waves T. Hayashi and S. Hattori pp. 23-33
Hydraulic Model Experiment on the Oscillation of Water Level in Sakai Channel H. Higuchi pp. 35-45
Stable Configuration of Coast Line Y. Mashima pp. 47-59
Some Experiments on Bamboo Samplers H. Fukushima and M. Kashiwamura pp. 61-63
Behavior of Sand-Spit-Bar at a River Mouth --A Model Experiment of Tonda Fishery Port-- M. Yshitaka pp. 65-71
Recent Coastal Processes in Niigata Prefecture T. Haruta pp. 73-83
A Study on Submerged Breakwaters M. Hom-ma and K. Horikawa pp. 85-102
Beach Erosion and Protection Works in Imazu-Sakano Beach M. Kubo and N. Iwasa pp. 103-113
Improvement of the Mouth of the Musa River T. Kishi and M. Taniguchi pp. 115-122

VOL. 5, 1962

Title Author(s) Pages
A Solution of Wave of Finite Height N. Shuto pp. 1-8
New Electric Ocean Wave Recorder, MR-MARK III -For the Coastal Wave Station T. Furuhata pp. 9-21
Experimental Study on Wave Force Against a Wall H. Mitsuyasu pp. 23-47
On the Model Experiment of Tsunami in Kesennuma Bay T. Iwasaki and A. Miura pp. 49-57
Laboratory Studies on Sand Drift; the Critical Velocity and the Critical Water Depth for Sand Movement, and the Rate of Transport, Under Wave Action ---Fundamental Studies on Dynamics of Sand Drifts---Report 3--- T. Ishihara and T. Sawaragi pp. 59-65
A New Method for Estimation of the Rate of Littoral Sand Drift T. Iwasaki and T. Sawaragi pp. 67-79
Sand Movement at Fukue Coast in Atsumi Bay, Japan, and Its Observation by Radioactive Glass Sand S. Sato pp. 81-92
Field Investigation at Tokai, Japan, Conduced by Combined Procedure of Macroscopic and Microscopic Approaches M. Hom-ma, K. Horikawa and C. Sonu pp. 93-110
Experimental Studies on the Cooling Water Intake System for the Atomic Power Plant at Tokai, Japan M. Hom-ma and K. Horikawa pp. 111-133
Design and Execution of a Submarine Cooling Water Intake System for the Atomic Power Plant, Tokai, Japan Y. Inai, A. Seyama and T. Togashi pp. 135-160

VOL. 6, 1963

Title Author(s) Pages
On the Surge in Ariakekai Bay K. Shinohara pp. 1-7
Force of Impact at the Moving Collision of a Ship with the Mooring Construction T. Hayashi and H. Shirai pp. 9-91
Consideration on the Applicability of Experimental Results to Analysis of Prototype Beaches T. Sawaragi pp. 21-27
Inlet Characteristics of River Sagami M. Hom-ma, K. Horikawa, M. Kageyama and C. Sonu pp. 29-43
On the Dynamical Problems at the Mouth of the Ishikari River H. Fukusima and M. Kashiwamura pp. 45-55
On the Effect of a Dike with Openings on the Storm Surge Caused by a Typhoon S. Unoki and I. Isozaki pp. 57-65
Hydraulic Study on Tsunami Y. Fukui, M. Nakamura, H. Shiraishi and Y. Sasaki pp. 67-82
On the Bottom Friction Factor of the Akita Coast Y. Iwagaki and T. Kakinuma pp. 83-91
Conditions for the Generation of Clapotis Wave S. Nagai pp. 93-94
Size Distribution of Coastal Sand Y. Mizoguchi and M. Ogi pp. 95-101
Properties of Wave Caused by Typhoons Along the Pacific Coast of Japan and their Estimations by Significant Wave Method N. Sakamoto and T. Ijima pp. 103-114
Field Investigation of Wave Run-up and Wave Pressure on Breakwater Y. Muraki, K. Mori and E. Minami pp. 115-121
Wave Run-up on Sea Dikes Located in the Surf Zone or on the Shore M. Hosoi and H. Mitsui pp. 123-131

VOL. 7, 1964

Title Author(s) Pages
Studies on Wave Generation by Wind and Roughness of the Sea, Part I M. Hino pp. 1-10
Observations of the Directional Wave Properties Y. Nagata pp. 11-30
On the Disturbed Waves in a Bay Sheltered by Breakwater A. Wada pp. 31-44
A Model Study on Tide and Storm Surge due to Typhoon in Ise Bay M. Nakamura, H. Shiraishi and Y. Sasaki pp. 45-63
Thrusts Exerted Upon Composite-Type Breakwaters by the Action of Breaking Waves T. Hayashi and M. Hattori pp. 65-84
An Experimental Study on Floating Breakwaters M. Hom-ma, K. Horikawa and H. Mochizuki pp. 85-94
Run-up Height on a Single Slope Dike due to Waves Coming Obliquely M. Hosoi and N. Shuto pp. 95-99
A Study on Solt Water Wedge at River Mouth by Ultrasonic Method H. Fukushima, M. Kashiwamura, I. Yakuwa and S. Takahashi pp. 101-107
A Study on the Sand Drift Along the Coast of Hidaka in Hokkaido H. Fukushima, M. Kashiwamura, I. Yakuwa and S. Takahashi pp. 109-124
Computation of Tides in the Bays of Tokyo and Ariake I. Isozaki and S. Unoki pp. 125-131
Hydroulic Model Experiments on Tidal Current at Nagoya Harbor H. Higuchi and K. H. Yoshida pp. 133-147

VOL. 8, 1965

Title Author(s) Pages
On a Method of Solution of Diffraction Problems A. Wada pp. 1-19
Wind Wave in Decay Area H. Mitsuyasu and H. Kimura pp. 21-35
Basic Studies on the Wave Damping Due to Bottom Friction Y. Iwagaki, Y. Tsuchiya and M. Sakai pp. 37-49
A New Step Type Wave Recorder with Relay Circuits and Its Practical Use for Routine Observation at Tomakomai Harbor Y. Muraki and N. Ishida pp. 51-56
Response Characteristics of Tokyo Bay to Incident Long Waves M. Hino and K. Hino pp. 57-69
On the Study of a Pneumatic Breakwater in Japan M. Kurihara pp. 71-83
A Study on Suspended Sediment Due to Wave Action M.Hom-ma, K. Horikawa and R. Kajima pp. 85-103
Virtual Mass and the Damping Factor of the Breakwater During Rocking, and the Modification by Their Effect of the Expression of the Thrusts Exerted Upon Breakwaters by the Action of Breaking Waves T. Hayashi pp. 105-117
Experimental Study on Total Wave Forse Against Sea Wall M. Hom-ma and K. Horikawa pp. 119-129
Increase of Sliding Resistance of Gravity-Type Breakwaters by Means of an Asphalt Mat M. Kagawa pp. 131-140
Effects of Wave Height and Sea Water Level on Wave Overtopping and Wave Run-up Y. Iwagaki, A. Shima and M. Inoue pp. 141-151

VOL. 9, 1966

Title Author(s) Pages
The Computations of Tsunami Penetrating into the Bay and Rivers T. Horiguchi pp. 1-10
A Theory on the Fetch Graph, the Roughness of the Sea and the Energy Transfer between Wind and Wave M. Hino pp. 11-25
Sheltering Effects of Sado Island on Wind Wave off Niigata Coast M. Hom-ma, K. Horikawa and Y. -Y. Chau pp. 27-44
Response Characteristic of Underwater Wave Gauge M. Hom-ma, K. Horikawa and S. Komori pp. 45-54
On the Fluctuation of Pressure due to Surface Wave H. Mitsuyasu and F. Hiromoto pp. 55-67
A Study on Wave Transformation Inside Surf Zone K. Horikawa and C. -T. Kuo pp. 69-81
Shock Pressure of Breaking Waves (I) H. Mitsuyasu pp. 83-96
Field Investigation on the Oscillation of Breakwater Caused by Wave Action Y. Muraki pp. 97-106
Hydraulic Research on the Closely Spaced Pile Breakwater T. Hayashi, M. Hattori, T. Kono and M. Shirai pp. 107-117
Wave Run-up Coastal Structures O. Toyoshima, N. Shuto and H. Hashimoto pp. 119-126
Littoral Drift Along Iwafune Port R. Koh pp. 127-136
Effect of Winds on a Two-Layered Bay A. Wada pp. 137-156
Study on Recirculation of Cooling Water of Tsuruga Nuclear Power Station Sited on Urazoko Bay K. Manabe, Y. Watanabe and A. Wada pp. 157-171
Tenth International Conference on Coastal Engineering pp. 173-176
Announcement pp. 177-181

VOL. 10, 1967

Title Author(s) Pages
The Fourth Order Approximation to the Pressure of Standing Waves Y. Goda pp. 1-11
On the Bottom Friction Factors off Five Japanese Coasts Y. Iwagaki and T. Kakinuma pp. 13-22
Run-up of Long Wave on a Sloping Beach N. Shuto pp. 23-38
A Study on Sand Movement Due to Wave Action K. Horikawa and A. Watanabe pp. 39-57
Fundamental Studies on Generation and Development of Longshore Bar Near a Rivermouth T. Sawaragi pp. 59-66
A Study on Erosion of Coastal Cliffs by Using Aerial Photographs K. Horikawa and T. Sunamura pp. 67-83
Investigation on Sand Drift at the Bisan-Seto Strait N. Tanaka pp. 85-94
Scouring Damages at Vertical Wall Breakwaters of Tagonoura Port T. Ichikawa pp. 95-108
Outflow Pattern of Fresh Water Issued from a River Mouth M. Kashiwamura and S. Yoshida pp. 109-115
On the Vertical Diffusion of Salinity Due to Wave Action I. Minami pp. 117-127
Basic Study on the Diffusion of Warm Water Jets Discharged from Power Plants into Bays T. Hayashi, N. shuto and K. Kawakami pp. 129-142
Study on Recirculation of Cooking Water of Station Sited on a Bay A. Wada pp. 143-170
Announcement pp. 171-176

VOL. 11, 1968

Title Author(s) Pages
Hyperbolic Waves and Their Shoaling Y. Iwagaki pp. 1-12
Laboratory Study on Oscillatory Boundary Layer Flow K. Horikawa and A. Watanabe pp. 13-28
Ocean Wave Distribution in Typhoon Area T. Ijima, T. Soejima and T. Matsuo pp. 29-42
Observation of Surf Waves by Stereo-wave Meter T. Ijima and T. Matsuo pp. 43-52
Three Dimensional Behaviour of Long Waves on a Sloping Beach N. Shuto pp. 53-57
Characteristic Oscillation in a Basin With a Branch K. Horikawa and H. Nishimura pp. 59-68
On the Overland Flow of Tsunami and Effectiveness of Wall as a Counter Meausure T. Iwasaki pp. 85-105
Fundamental Study of Wave Over-Topping on Levees H. Kikkawa, H. Shi-igai and T. Kono pp. 107-115
On the Effect of Armour Block Facing on the Quantity of Wave Over-Topping N. Shiraishi, A. Numata and T. Endo pp. 117-130
An Experimental Study on Erosion of Coastal Cliffs Due to Wave Action K. Horikawa and T. Sunamura pp. 131-147
Closely Spaced Pile Breakwater as a Protection Structure Against Beach Erosion T. Hayashi, M. Hattori and M. Shirai pp. 149-160
Numerical Analysis of Distribution of Flow and Thermal Diffusion Caused by Outfall of Cooling Water A. Wada pp. 161-173
Some Consideration on Hydraulic Design of Bottom Water Intake S. Senshu pp. 175-184
Unsteady Radial Flow of Oil Being Discharged from a Source on the Ocean M. B. Abbott pp. 185-189
Announcement pp. 191-196
Errata pp. 197-197

VOL. 12, 1969

Title Author(s) Pages
Experiment of Surface Film Effect on Wind-Wave Generation M. Hino, S. Kataoka and D. Kaneko pp. ??-??
Estimation of Incident Wave Spectrum in the Sea Area Influenced by Reflection R. Kajima pp. 9-16
Spectrum of Wave Drag on a Pile M. Hino pp. 17-27
Study on Vibration of Submerged Spheres Caused by Surface Wave H. Shi-igai, and T. Kono pp. 29-40
On the Wave Damping Effect of Double Curtain Wall Breakwater J. Kato and T. Noma pp. 41-45
Characteristic Oscillation of Water in an L-Shaped Bay K. Horikawa, N. Shuto and H. Nishimura pp. 47-56
A Study on Mass Transport in Boundary Layers in Standing Wave H. Noda pp. 57-68
The Mechanics of Suspended Sediment Due to Standing Wave M. Hattori pp. 69-81
Study on the Scouring at the Foot of Coastal Structures S. Sato, N. Tanaka and I. Irie pp. 83-98
A Study on Erosion of Coastal Cliffs by Using Aerial Photograph (Report No. 2) T. Sunamura and K. Horikawa pp. 99-120
Beach Erosion and Quaternary Sea Level R. Koh pp. 121-128
Hydraulic Model Experiment on the Diffusion Due to the Coastal Current A. Higuchi and Y. Iwagaki pp. 129-138
Mixing of Salt and Fresh Water in an Estuary H. Fukushima, I. Yakuwa, S. Takahashi and M. Ohtani pp. 139-145
A Study of Mixing Process in the Sea Caused by Outfall of Industrial Waste Water A. Wada pp. 147-158
Surface Discharge of Horizontal Buoyant Jets N. Tamai pp. 159-177
Investigation of Axisymmetrical Stratified Flow Towards a Point Sink M. Hino and S. Onishi pp. 179-187
Announcement pp. 189-195
Errata pp. 197-197

VOL. 13, 1970

Title Author(s) Pages
On the Growth of the Spectrum of Wind-Generated Wave H. Mitsuyasu pp. 1-14
Turbulence and Sediment Concentration Due to Wave K. Horikawa and A. Watanabe pp. 15-24
Experimental Studies on Wave Transmission of a Permeable Breakwater Constructed by Artificial Blocks T. Iwasaki and A. Numata pp. 25-29
An Analytical Approach to Wave Transmission Through Permeable Structures H. Kondo pp. 31-42
Hydraulic Resistance of Artificial Concrete Blocks N. Shuto and H. Hashimoto pp. 43-54
Effect of Structural Shape on Wave Run-up and Wave Damping T. Sawaragi and K. Iwata pp. 55-74
Interference of Submerged Spheres Caused by Surface Wave H. Kikkawa and T. Kono pp. 75-87
On the Function of Tsunami Breakwaters K. Horikawa and H. Nishimura pp. 103-112
On the Shoreline and Leading Front Conditions of Tsunami Waves in the Light of the Method of Characteristics T. Iwasaki and H. Togashi pp. 113-125
A Study on Erosion of Coastal Cliffs and of Submarine Bedrocks K. Horikawa and T. Sunamura pp. 127-139
Variation of Topography of Sea-Bed Caused by the Construction of Breakwaters S. Sato and I. Irie pp. 141-152
Effect of Jetties on Water Level Fluctuation at a River Mouth T. Sawaragi and K. Kobune pp. 153-159
Announcement pp. 161-167

VOL. 14, 1971

Title Author(s) Pages
Generation of Surface Wave by a Linearly Controlled Shear Flow M. Hino and S. Kataoka pp. 1-6
On the Form of Fetch-Limited Wave Spectrum H. Mitsuyasu pp. 7-14
Experiments on Horizontal Water Particle Velocity at Water Surface of Near Breaking Waves Y. Iwagaki, T. Sakai, J. Kainuma and T. Kawashima pp. 15-24
The Shoaling and Run-up Height of the Solitary Wave H. Saeki, S. Hanayasu, A. Ozaki and K. Takagi pp. 25-42
Expected Rate of Irregular Wave Overtopping of Seawalls Y. Goda pp. 43-51
Stability of Mixed-Type Breakwater -A Method of "Probable Sliding Distance"- Y. Ito pp. 53-61
On the Function of Tsunami Breakwaters (Report No. 2) H. Nishimura, K. Horikawa and N. Shuto pp. 63-72
A Further Investigation of the Distribution of Suspended Sediment Concentration Due to Standing Waves M. Hattori pp. 73-82
A Study on the Deformation of Beach Profiles by Means of Design of Experiments S. Masuda and M. Ito pp. 83-95
A Quantitative Study on the Effect of Beach Deposits Upon Cliff Erosion -An Experimental Study on Erosion of Coastal Cliffs Due to Wave Action- (Report No. 2) T. Sunamura and K. Horikawa pp. 97-106
Predominant Direction of Littoral Transport Along Kujyukuri Beach, Japan T. Sunamura and K. Horikawa pp. 107-117
Analytical Study on Water Level Fluctuation Caused by a Barrier at a River Mouth T. Sawaragi and K. Kobune pp. 119-126
Some Problems on Density Current in River Mouth H. Nakamura pp. 127-133
Transient Acceleration of Surface Flow at a River Mouth M. Kashiwamura and S. Yoshida pp. 135-142
Effect of Coastal Current on Process of Thermal Diffusion Caused by Outfall of Cooling Water in the Sea A. Wada pp. 143-161
Buoyant Plume in a Cross Stream N. Shuto pp. 163-173
Announcement pp. 175-182
Errata p. 183

VOL. 15, 1972

Title Author(s) Pages
On the Forecasting of Typhoon Generated Waves in Beppu Bay H. Nishimura, K. Horikawa, Y. Ozawa and K. Miyamoto pp. 1-12
Standing Waves in Front of a Sloping Dike N. Shuto pp. 13-23
Transformation of Power Spectra of Wind-Generated Waves Caused by Reflection A. Ishida pp. 25-33
On the Vertical Distribution of Water Particle Velocity Induced by Waves on Beach Y. Iwagaki, T. Sakai and T. Kaawashima pp. 35-41
Some Consideration on Water Particle Velocities of Finite Amplitude Wave Theories Y. Tsuchiya and M. Yamaguchi pp. 43-57
Diffraction of the Irregular Sea Due to Breakwaters K. Nagai pp. 59-67
Transmission of Water Waves Through Perforated Wall M. Hattori pp. 69-79
Experiments on the Transition From Nonbreaking to Postbreaking Wave Pressures Y. Goda pp.81-90
Vibration of Elastic Plate by Wave M. Hino and K. Ugai pp. 91-94
Oscillatory Motion oh Large Pontoon Due to Wave Avtion M. Hom-ma and K. Ogihara pp. 95-103
A Study Using Aerial Photographs of the Effect of Protective Structures on Coastal Cliff Erosion T. Sunamura and K. Horikawa pp. 105-111
Field Observations of Nearshore Current System K. Horikawa and T. Sasaki pp. 113-125
Dissipation of Wave Energy Due to Opposing Current T. Iwasaki and M. Sato pp. 127-140
Turbulence in the Weakly Mixing Zone of the Interface T. Iwasaki and T. Abe pp. 141-151
Bifurcation of Bent-Over Plumes in the Ocean T. Hayashi pp. 153-165
Study of Thermal Diffusion in a Two Layer Sea Caused by Outfall of Cooling Water A. Wada pp. 167-181
Announcement pp. 183-190

VOL. 16, 1973

Title Author(s) Pages
Shoaling and Deformation of Non-Liner Long Waves N. Shuto pp. 1-12
Runs of the Maxima of the Irregular Sea K. Nagai pp. 13-18
Correlation of Water Particle Velocity with Water Level Variation for Irregular Waves Y. Iwagaki, T. Sakai and H. Ishida pp. 19-28
On the Boundary Conditions at the Bay Entrance in the Analyses of Bay Water Oscillations H. Nishimura and K. Horikawa pp. 29-39
Behavior of a Solid Particle Under Standing Waves Y. Iwagaki and H. Hirayama pp. 41-53
A Theory of Rip Current Generation M. Hino pp. 55-60
A Field Investigation of Swash Characteristics E. Waddell pp. 61-71
Transition and Stability of Plane Configuration of Movable Material Coast Y. Mashima pp. 73-91
Observations of Longshore Currents and Sand Drifting in Storm Conditions at Ogata Coast Y. Tsuchiya and T. Shibata pp. 93-106
On Wave Deformation Due to Permeable Structures T. Sawaragi and K. Iwata pp. 107-122
An Experimental Study of Irregular Wave Run-up on a Coastal Dike H. Hashimoto pp. 123-136
Wave Forces on Circular Cylinders Errected Upon Reefs Y. Goda pp. 137-146
Wave Forces on a Semi-Submerged Vertical Cylinder of Elliptical Shape T. Takayama and Y. Goda pp. 147-164
A Fundamental Study of an Ocean Structure Under Wind and Wave Action H. Shi-igai and H. T. Chang pp. 165-171
Basic Study on the Dispersion in Oscillatory Currents with Predominant Horizontal Shear N. Tamai and H. Tanaka pp. 173-186
Numerical Analysis of Water Dispersion in Thermally-Stratified Layers T. Horiguchi pp. 187-200

VOL. 17, 1974

Title Author(s) Pages
Nonlinear Long Waves in a Channel of Variable Section N. Shuto pp. 1-12
Application of the Finite Element Method to Surface Wave Analysis F. Sakai and S. Kawai pp. 13-22
Theory of Formation of Rip-Current and Cuspidal Coast M. Hino pp. 23-37
Turbulence Effect on Wave Deformation after Breaking T. Sawaragi and K. Iwata pp. 39-49
Relationship between Vertical Distribution of Water Particle Velocity and Type of Breakers on Beaches Y. Iwagaki, T. Sakai, K. Tsukioka and N. Sawai pp. 51-58
Experimental Study of Breaking Wave Force on a Vertical Circular Cylinder T. Honda and H. Mitsuyasu pp. 59-70
An Experimental Study of Irregular Wave Forces on a Coastal Dike H. Hashimoto pp. 71-79
Breaking Wave Transformation by Porous Breakwaters H. Kondo and S. Toma pp. 81-91
On a Crenellated Breakwater R. Koh pp. 93-116
Field Observations of Wave Overtopping of Wave Absorbing Revetment N. Fukuda, T. Uno and I. Irie pp. 117-128
Performance of Offshore Breakwaters of the Niigata Coast T. Katayama, I. Irie and T. Kawakami pp. 129-139
Characteristics of Beach Configuration of Ogata Coast T. Shirai and Y. Tsuchiya pp. 141-154
Field Investigation of Large Submarine Sand Wave H. Ozawa pp.155-184
Dispersion Models in Coastline Waters with Predominant Transverse Shear N. Tamai pp. 185-197
Diffusion of Effluent Discharging Vertically into a Stagnant Sea Water T. Hayashi and M. Ito pp. 199-213

VOL. 18, 1975

Title Author(s) Pages
Development of Stationary Wave Observation Systems in the Coastal Waters with the Depth of 50m T. Takahashi, H. Sasaki, T. Soejima and D. Kaneko pp. 1-12
Irregular Wave Deformation in the Surf Zone Y. Goda pp.13-26
Examination of Wave Deformation with Field Observation Data I. Irie pp. 27-34
Laboratory Study on Wave Reflection by Slopes with Different Roughness (Part 1) J. W. Johnson and K. Tokikawa pp.35-44
Application of the Finite Element Method to Surface Wave Analysis (2nd Report) -The Analysis of Harbor Oscillations- F. Sakai and K. Tsukioka pp. 45-52
Study on Suppression of Long Period Waves by Imperious Breakwaters S. Nakamura pp. 53-62
Characteristics of the Behavior of a Solid Particle Under Standing Waves Y. Iwagaki and H. Hirayama pp. 63-73
Analysis of Beach Processes by Means of the Design of Experiments S. Masuda and M. Ito pp. 75-93
Experimental Studies for Improvement of Performance of Caisson-Type Breakwater Y. Akatsuka, H. Takeda and T. Hasumi pp. 95-109
Field Observations for Bathing Condition T. Sakai, S. Hotta, H. Igarashi and S. Kubota pp. 111-122
Nearshore Current System on a Gently Sloping Bottom T. Sakai and K. Horikawa pp. 123-142
The Flow Condition and the Diffusion Characteristics in the Seto Inland Sea A. Wada and M. Kadoya pp.143-154
Sea Water Exchange at Tokyo Bay Mouth T. Matsumoto, Y. Kaneko, T. Terao and T. Kawashima pp. 155-165
Depth of Maximum Velocity and Minimum Flow Area of Tidal Entrances K. Kondo pp. 167-183
Field Study on the Impact Energy of Large Tankers H. Otani, O. Horii and S. Ueda pp. 185-194
Announcement pp. 195-203

VOL. 19, 1976

Title Author(s) Pages
On Wave Spectrum of Breaking Wave T. Sawaragi and K. Iwata pp. 1-11
Effect of Converging Bay width and Decreasing Water Depth on Harbour Oscillation of Long Waves T. Sakai and M. Yamamoto pp. 13-28
A Solution for Wave-Induced Oscillations in Harbours Considering Energy Dissipation H. Murakami pp. 29-45
Laboratory Formulation for Transmission and Reflection at Permeable Breakwaters of Artificial Blocks A. Numata pp. 47-58
Characteristics of Lift Forces on a Circular Pipe in Waves T. Sawaragi, T. Nakamura and H. Kita pp. 59-71
Experimental Study on The Compressive Strength of Sea Ice and the Ice Forces on An Circular Pipe H. Saeki, S. Saito, K. Hamanaka and A. Ozaki pp. 73-87
Local Scour Around Bridge Pier in Tidal Current H. Nakagawa and K. Suzuki pp. 89-100
Horizontal Translation of a Coupled Buoy by Surface Wave M. Hom-ma and K. Ogihara pp. 101-108
Long-Term Shoreline Change of The Naoetsu Harbour T. Tsuchiya, T. Shimano and T. Nakanishi pp. 109-120
Salt Transport Mechanism in Tidal Waters H. Ueshima, T. Fujiwara and N. Hayakawa pp. 121-132
Salt Water Intrusion into the Mouth of the Teshio River T. Yakuwa, S. Takahashi and M. Ohtani pp. 133-138
Study on Adaptability of Prediction Method of Simulation Analysis for Diffusion of Discharged Warm Water in the Sea A. Wada, K. Katano and M. Kadoyu pp. 139-161
Numerical Experiment of Submerged Turbulent Buoyant Jet M. Hino, S. Onishi and M. Hanyu pp. 163-172
An Application of The Moire Fringe Method -Measurement of the Motion of a Submerged Body K. Ogihara and H. Emori pp. 173-180
List of papers presented at the 23rd National Conference on Coastal Engineering, held at Fukuoka in November, 1976 pp. 181-187

VOL. 20, 1977

Title Author(s) Pages
Computation of Wave Field and Wave Pressure M. Hino pp. 1-6
On a Mechanism for Breaking of Interfacial Waves S. Yoshida pp. 7-15
Dispersion and Nonlinearity in Tsunami Computation N. Shuto pp. 17-25
Effects of Entrance Loss on Wave-Induced Oscillations in Rectangular Harbors H. Murakami and E. Noguchi pp. 27-42
Numerical Prediction of Typhoon Generated Waves around the Okinawan Islands and in Tokyo Bay H. Igarashi and T. Sasaki pp. 43-54
Experiments on Restoration of Beaches Backed by Seawalls H. Hattori and R. Kawamata pp. 55-68
Recent Shoreline Changes in Japan -An Investigation Using Aerial Photographs- H. Ozasa pp. 69-81
Wave Run-up Height on Gentle Slopes T. Sawaragi, K. Iwata and A. Morino pp. 83-94
An Experimental Study of Tsunami Run-up on Uniform Slopes H. Togashi and T. Nakamura pp. 95-108
Dynamic Behavior of a Circular Pile Due to Eddy Shedding in Waves T. Sawaragi, T. Nakamura and H. Miki pp. 109-120
Study on Re-Aeration by Waves M. Hori, A. Ishida and K. Imoto pp. 121-127
Generation of Rip Currents in a Laboratory Basin K. Maruyama and K. Horikawa pp. 129-145
Study on Rip Currents -Experimental Observation of Nearshore Circulation on a Sloping Bottom- A. Ozaki, M. Sasaki and Y. Usui pp. 147-158
Characteristics of Circulation in Bay Waters Due to Wind Action A. Wada and Y. Miyaike pp.159-170
Review of 24th Coastal Engineering Conference, November 1977 pp. 171-183
List of papers presented at the 24th National Conference on Coastal Engineering, held at Tokushima in November, 1977 pp. 185-192

vol. 21, 1978

Title Author(s) Pages
Behavior of Solid Particle under Oscillatory Motion of Progressive Waves H. Hirayama pp.1-11
Numerical Simulation of Tsunami Run-up N. Shuto and T. Goto pp.13-20
Determination of the Reflectivity of Wind Waves with the Wave Number Frequency Spectrum A. Ishida, Y. okamoto and M. Furuta pp.21-50
Simulation Method of Ocean Wave Spectra in an Experimental Basin and its Application to the Study on Wave Pressure S. Komori, H. tanaka and A. Wada pp.51-61
Wave Attenuation of a Vertical Breakwater with Two Air Chambers T. Sawaragi and K. Iwata pp.63-74
Researches on Stability of Rubble-mound Breakwater Y. Kogami pp.75-93
On the Virtual Mass of an Approaching Vessel R. Koh pp.95-105
Proposal of General Purpuse Computation Chart for Diffusion Prediction of Discharged Warm Water A. Wada and M. Kadoyu pp.107-124
Studies on the Seasonal Variation of Exchange of Bay Water Based on Climatological Oceanographic Date S. Unoki and M. Kishino pp.125-142
A Model of Longshore Dispersion in the Sarf Zone with A Longshore Current System M. Chung Lin and K. Horikawa pp.143-155
Finite Element Analysis on the Tidal Current and COD Distribution in Mikawa Bay H. Kanayama and K. Ohtsuka pp.157-171
Spread of Oil --Viscous Effects in the Gravity-Inertial Regime-- M. Ohno and N. Shuto pp.173-189
Design Procedure of Artificial Channels for Tidal Entrances H. Kondo pp.191-199
On the Scale Effects of the Hydraulic Tidal Model --A Comparative Study of Two Seto Island Sea Models-- H. Yasuda, H. Higuchi and N. Hayakawa pp.201-211

vol. 22, 1979

Title Author(s) Pages
Nonlinear Equation of Long Waves in the Lagrangian Description T. Goto pp.1-9
Applicability of Dean's Stream Function Method to Estimation of Orbital Wave Velocity and Wave Set-Down and Set-up M. Hino and M. Kashiwayanagi pp.11-20
Residual Velocities of a Solid Particle under Progressive Waves in a Wave Tank with Closed End H. Hirayama pp.21-33
Investigation on Shore Process in the Itanki Beach H. Kondo and K. Yano pp.35-46
Analysis of Beach Profile Changes at Ajigaura by Empirical Eigenfunctions H. Hashimoto and T. Uda pp.47-57
Effects of Wave Angle and Lateral Mixing on the Longshore Current N. C. Kraus and T. O. Sasaki pp.59-74
Development of the IHI Floating Breakwater T. Araki and T. Chujo pp.75-89
A Model for Longshore Dispersion in Nearshore Current System M. C. Lin and K. Horikawa pp.91-103
Influence of Sea Bottom Irregularities on Selective Withdrawal S. Onishi, Y. Miyazaki and M. Shibata pp.105-109
The Behavior of the Two Dimensional Forced Plume Ejected Near the Vertical Wall J. Yoshida and Y. Nagata pp.111-122
Field Observations of Upwelling Associated with Vortex and Considerations of Generating Mechanism of These Phenomena S. Onishi and T. Nishimura pp.123-138
A Study of Circulation in Bay A. Wada and Y. Miyaike pp.139-149
A Tidal Flow Analysis by Finite Element Method M. Yokota and N. Namerikawa pp.151-157
Review of the 25th and 26th Coastal Engineering Conferences in Japan pp.159-171

vol. 23, 1980

Title Author(s) Pages
Water Particle Velocity in Wave-Current System Y. Iwagaki and T. Asano pp.1-14
Renewal of Hyperbolic Wave Expressions Y. Iwagaki and K. Shiota pp.15-23
Numerical Analysis of Transient, Finite Amplitude Waves by Boundary Integral and Perturbation Expansion T. Ijima and S. Nagata pp. 25-44
Wave Transformation on Reef and Some Consideration on its Application to Field T. Kono and S. Tsukayama pp.45-57
A Field Study of Waves in the Wave-induced Velocity in the Surf Zone M. Mizuguchi, M. Isobe, S. Hotta and K. Horikawa pp.81-89
Wave Power Spectrum Slope on High Frequency Range in Shallow Water Surf T. Sawaragi and K. Iwata pp.91-99
Development of a Surface Buoy Wave Meter H. Hashimoto and O. Yamaguchi pp.101-120
Experimental Study on Pressures Due to Irregular Standing Waves Y. Iwagaki, T. Sakai, T. Asano, H. Mase and M. Koseki pp.121-129
Characteristics in the Pressure Caused by Nonbreaking Waves on a Sloping Surface N. Kato and M. Hattori pp.131-146
Forces on a Circular Cylinder in an Oscillatory Flow M. Sawamoto, K. Kikuchi, M. Ohda and J. Kashiwai pp.147-158
Dynamic Analysis of Offshore Platform Response to Inline and Lift Force T. Sawaragi and T. Nakamura pp.159-177
Bed Load Measurement and Prediction of Two-dimensional Beach Transformation Due to Waves T. Shibayama and K. Horikawa pp.179-190
An Application of an Empirical Prediction Model of Beach Profile Change to the Ogawara Coast H. Hashimoto and T. Uda pp.191-204
Numerical Simulation of the Seasonal Variation in the Cross-sectional Area at River Mouth N. Shuto and S. Aota pp.205-217
On an Average Friction Factor for Wave-induced Nearshore Circulation M. Mizuguchi pp.219-229
Effects of Nearshore Currents on Diffusion in the Surf Zone H. Tanaka, A. Wada, S. Komori and I. Takeuchi pp.231-249
Field Observation of Tidal-exchange through Straits form Deterministic View Points and Consideration of Methods Control the Process S. Onishi and T. Nishimura pp.251-261
Physical Modeling of Buoyant Surface and Submerged Discharges M. Kato and A. Wada pp.263-276
Motions of a Moored Ship along the Perforated Quay Wall T. Sawaragi, M. Kubo, and T. Kiyotani pp.277-286

vol. 24, 1981

Title Author(s) Pages
Numerical Analysis of Shallow Water Wave Deformation in a Constant Depth Region A. Ishida and H. Takahashi pp.1-18
Analysis of a Run-up Wavefront on a Uniformly Sloping Bed M. Shimada pp.19-29
Experimental Study on Characteristics of Wave Fields Including Surf Zone on Imoermeable Slope Y. Iwagaki and Wi-Gwang Pae pp.31-40
Observations of Long Period Waves in the Nearshore Zone S. Hotta, M. Mizuguchi and M. Isobe pp.41-76
Joint Distribution of the Wave Heights and Periods of Random Sea Waves A. Kimura pp.77-92
Directional Spectra of Wind Waves in Growing Stage M.Yamaguchi and Y.Tsuchiya pp.93-104
Friction Coefficient for a Wave-Current Coexistent System M.Tanaka and N.Shuto pp.105-128
Experimental Study on the Mechanism of Nearshore Current Generation H.Tanaka and A.Wada pp.129-141
Behavior of a Solid Particle Based on the Equation of Motion Under Oscillatory Motion of Progressive Waves H.Hirayama pp.143-153
Modeling of Two-Dimensional Beach Transformation Due to Waves M.Mizuguchi and M.Mori pp.155-170
Field Experiments on Longshore Sand Transport in the Surf Zone --Time Dependent Motion, On-Offshore Disribution, and Total Transport Rate-- Nichholas C.Kraus, Raymond S.Frinato and K.Horikawa pp.171-194
Study on the Mechanism of Beach Cusp Formation S.Tamai pp.195-213
Influence of the Sea Bottom Topography on the Large Scale Tidal Vortices at the Straits --Its Field Observation though Remote Sensing-- S. Onishi, S. Tanaka and T. Nishimura pp.215-269

vol. 25, 1982

Title Author(s) Pages
Numerical Calculations for Wave Shoaling on a Sloping Bottom by K-dV Equation T. Yasuda, T. Yamashita, S. Goto and Y. Tsuchida pp.1-23
Shoaling and Refraction Coefficient of Finite Amplitude Waves Y. Iwagaki, K. Shiota and H. Doi pp.25-35
Bottom Friction Factors of Five Japanese Coasts M. Ifuku and T. Kakinuma pp.37-49
Mechanism of Sediment Transport by Waves on an Impermeable Slope Y. Iwagaki, Wi-Gwang Pae and O. Moriguchi pp.52-63
Study on Sand Particle Motion on Plane Horizontal and Sloping Bottoms by Water Waves M. Hino, T. Yamashita and S. Yoneyama pp.65-74
Condition and Probability of Occurrence of Resonance on Steep Slopes of Coastal Structures T. Sawaragi, K. Iwata and M. Kobayashi pp.75-90
A Field Observation of Wave Kinematics on the Surf Zone M. Mizuguchi pp.91-107
Study on Water Particle Velocities of Shoaling and Breaking Waves M. Isobe and K. Horikawa pp.109-123
Laboratory Measurements of Velocity Field Structure in the Surf Zone by LDV K. Nadaoka and T. Kondoh pp.125-145
Numerical Models Nearshore Currents and Beach Deformation A. Watanabe pp.147-161
Sediment Suspension Due to Breaking Waves T. Shibayama and K. Horikawa pp.163-176
Experimental Study of Blown Sand on a Wetted Sand Surface K. Horikawa, S. Hotta and S. Kubota pp.177-195
Experimental Study on Surface Current in Closed Basin S. Onishhi, Y. Kitajima and H. Aitani pp.197-210
Diffusion Characteristics of Large Scale Heated Discharge in the Coastal Region N. Mimura and K. Horikawa pp.211-225
Prediction of the Diffusion of Discharged Warm Water Influenced by Nearshore Currents H. Tanaka and A. Wada pp.227-238
Measurement of Thermal Diffusion Near the Surf Zone by a Thermal Imagery H. Hashimoto and T. Uda pp.239-250
Study on Selective Withdrawal by Axisymmetric Intake with Finite Opening S. Onishi, K. Imamura, H. Terata and H. Shibuya pp.251-260
Long-Period Motions of a Moored Ship Induced by Harbor Oscillations T. Sawaragi and M. Kubo pp.261-275

vol. 26, 1983

Title Author(s) Pages
Asymptotic Analysis of Finite Amplitude Waves in water of Gradually Varying Depth K. Hamanaka and K. Kato pp.1-10
Numerical Analysis of Breaking Waves in a Shallow Water W. Kioka pp.11-18
Experiments on an Oscillatory Flow Accompanied with a Unidirectional Motion H. Tanaka, C. S. Chion and N. Shuto pp.19-37
Field Observation and Analysis of Long-Period Oscillation in Harbours and Bays H. Yamada, S. Yamamoto and Y. Hosokawa pp.39-50
Change of Zero-Upcrossing Spectrum on Gentle Slopes K. Iwata and H. Fukuyo pp.51-60
Random Wave Simulation Considering Wave Groups H. Mase, N. Kita and Y. Iwagaki pp.61-75
Modeling of Onshore-Offshore Sediment Transport over a Rippled Sand Bed A. Ishida, I. Hayashi, H. Takahashi and W. Kioka pp.77-89
Velocity Distribution and Suspended Sediment Concentration Over Large Scale Rippled N. Hayakawa, G. Tsujimoto and H. Hashimoto pp.91-100
On the Sand Transport Rate by Wind on a Beach K. Horikawa, S. Hotta, S. Kubota and S. Katori pp.101-120
Formation and Spacing of Beach Casps I. Takeda and T. Sunamura pp.121-135
Predictive Model of Planform Change of a Spit at a River Mouth T. Uda p.137-150
Application of Sand Bypassing to Amanohashidate Beach M. Yajima, A. Uezono, T. Yauchi and F. Yamada pp.151-162
Run-up Height and Period of Irregular Waves on Gentle Slope T. Sawaragi, K. Iwata and W. Nobuta pp.163-174
Scattering of Water Waves and Induced Force on Vertical Axisymmetric Bodies T. Kiyokawa, H. Kobatashi and M. Hino pp.175-192
Statistical Properties of Displacements of Fixed-type Offshore Structures A. Kimura and A. Seyama pp.193-207
Field Investigation of Nearshore Circulation by a Remote Sensing Technique T. Uda and H. Hashimoto pp.209-218
Annual Variation of the Mean Sea Level and Its Inclination in a Bay S. Unoki pp.219-234

vol. 27, 1984

Title Author(s) Pages
Theory of Waves Generated by Serpent-Type Wave-Maker T. Takayama pp.1-19
Interfacial Gravity Waves in a Salt Wedge Estuary W. Nakano and I. Yakura pp.21-31
A Breaking Model for Progressive Waves of Permanent Type S. Tsutsui pp.33-52
Wave Breaking with Wind-Induced Surface Drift S. Tshitsui and Y. Tshuchiya pp.53-69
Study on Breaking Condition for Compound Wave Trains A. Watanabe, T. Hara and K. Horikawa pp.71-82
An Analysis of Wave Date for Wave Grouping H. Mase and Y. Iwagaki pp.83-96
Reaeration by Spilling Breaker Y. Hosoi, H. Murakami and M. Oto pp. 97-108
Numerical Simulation of Flow Pattern Around a Fish Aggregation Device T. Sawaragi, Y. Matsumi and K. Hayashi pp.109-118
Wave Energy Equation Applicable in and Outside the Surf Zone T. Izumiya and K. Horikawa pp.119-137
Rip Currents of Free Jet Type M. Sasaki pp.139-150
Reproduction of Nearshore Currents by a Mathematical Model H. Tanaka and A. Wada pp.151-163
Nearshore Circulation around an Artificial Headland Due to Oblique Wave Incidence T. Uda pp.165-178
Sand Movement Due to Wave-Current Combined Motion H. Tanaka and N. Shuto pp.179-191
Measurement of Sand Transport on a Cross Unidirectional-Oscillatory Flow Tank S. Katori, T. Sakakiyama and A. Watanabe pp.193-203
Onshore-Offshore Sediment Transport Rate in the Swash Zone of Laboratory Beaches T. Sunamura pp.205-212
Field Measurement of Blown Sand Transport Rate by Trench Trap K. Horikawa, S. Hotta, S. Kubota and S. Katori pp.213-232
Change in the Cross-Sectional Area and Topography at River Mouth Y. Ogawa, Y. Fujita and N. Shuto pp.233-247
Impact Forces of Nearly Breaking Waves on a Vertical Circular Cylinder T. Sawaragi and M. Nochino pp.249-263
Motions and Mooring Forces of an Axisymmetric Floating Body T. Takayama and K. Moroishi pp.265-279
A Laboratory Experimentation on the Interactions Between Water Waves and Soft Clay Beds T. Nagai, T. Yamamoto and L. Figueroa pp.279-291
Numerical Simulation Method of Ship Motions Moored to Quay Wall and Some Characteristics of the Motions S. Ueda, S. Shiraishi, Y. Izuro and A. Kojima pp.293-301
New Mooring System to Reduce Ship Motions and Berhing Energy T. Sawaragi, M. Kubo and S. Aoki pp.303-313
Theory and Experiments on Extractable Wave Power by an Oscillating-Water-Column Type Breakwater Caisson R. Ojima, S. Suzumura and Y. Goda pp.315-326

vol. 28, 1985

Title Author(s) Pages
Estimation of Water Particle Velocities by A Modified Transfer Function Method H. Koyama and K. Iwata pp.1-13
Accuracy of Nolinear Dispersive Long Wave equations K. Fujima, C. Goto and N. Shuto pp.15-30
Evalution of Wave-Induced Pore Pressure in Sand Layer By Wave Steepness Y. Maeno and T. Hasegawa pp.31-44
On the Propagation of A Bore Over A Sloping Beach H. Matsutomi pp.45-58
The Decomposition of Incident and Reflected Random Wave Envelopes A. Kimura pp.59-69
Breaking of Standing Two-Components Composite and Irregular Waves K. Iwata and H. Kiyono pp.71-87
Effect of Wave Setup on the Change of Wave Height After Breaking M. Sato pp.89-96
Experimental Study on Turbulence Structures Under Breaking Waves M. Hattori and T. Aono pp.97-116
An Appication of Statistical System Identification Method to the Analysis of Wind-Induced Current and Wind Set-up T. Fujiwara pp.117-123
Velocity Profiles in Nearshore Circulation Current M. Sasaki pp.125-136
On the Numerical Computation of Nearshore Currents H. Nishimura, K. Maruyama and T. Sakurai pp.137-145
Sand Ripples Generated by Prototype Waves in a Large Wave Flume T. Sakakiyama, T. Shimizu, R. Kajima, S. Saito and K. Maruyama pp.147-160
An Analysis of Beach Erosion in Suruga Coast T. Uda and T. Takeuchi pp.161-172
Destruction Mechanism and Design of Rubble Mound Structures by Irregular Waves T. Sawaragi, C. R. Ryu and M. Kusumi pp.173-189
Uplift Wave Forces Due to Compression of Enclosed Air Layer and Their Similitude Law S. Takahashi, K. Tanimoto and S. Miyanaga pp.191-206
Characteristics of Flow Around A Vertical Circular Cylinder in a Wave K. Hayashi and T. Takenouchi pp.207-222
Wave Forces on the Submerged Structures for the Fish Farm Y. Matsunbara and H. Noda pp.223-233
Dynamic Behavior of the Submerged Buoy-Cable System by Ocean Waves T. Matsubara, H. Noda and A. Hirao pp.235-241
A Device for Wave Power Extraction in Coastal Structures --field test of a pendular system-- K. Yano, H. Kondo and T. Watabe pp.243-254
The Nihonkai-Chubu Earthquake Tsunami on the North Akita Coast N. Shuto pp.255-264

vol. 29, 1986

Title Author(s) Pages
Effects of Stratified Flow on Wave Shoaling S. Sakai and H. Saeki pp.1-18
Numerical Modeling of Nearshore wave Field Under Combined Refraction, Diffraction and Breaking A. Watanabe and K. Maruyama pp.19-39
One Consideration on Breaking Limit of Two-Component Composite Waves K. Iwata, S. Kataoka and N. Mizutani pp.41-49
Non-linear Effects on Velocity Fields on Turbulent Wave Boundary Layer T. Asano and Y. Iwagaki pp.51-63
Numerical Simulation of the Oscillatory Boundary Layer Flow Over Ripples by a Turbulence Model S. Sato, H. Uehara and A. Watanabe pp.65-78
Effect of Wave Tilting on Zero-Crossing Wave Heights and Periods Y. Goda pp.79-90
Shoaling and Evolutional Behavior of Wave Packet on a Gentle Slope Y. Tsuchiya, T. Yamashita and J. Kawagoe pp.91-109
Application of a Parallel Computer to Wave Field Analyses H. Nishimura, T. Hoshino and S. Takewaka pp.111-117
Stability Theory of Sand Rippled Due to Wave Action M. Sawamoto, T. Yamashita and Y. Akiyama pp.119-128
A Law for Sediment Transport by Waves in a Bed Load Y. Tsuchiya pp.129-139
Modeling of Onshore-Offshore Sediment Transport Mechanism under the Presence of Vertical Motion G. Tsujimoto and N. Hayakawa pp.141-149
Mud Mass Transport Due to Waves T. Shibayama, H. Takikawa and K. Horikawa pp.151-161
Field Measurement of Vertical Distribution of Wind Speed with Moving Sand on a Beach K. Horikawa, S. Hotta and S. Kubota pp.163-178
Numerical Prediction Model of Three-Dimensional Beach Deformation Around A Structure A. Watanabe, K. Maruyama, T. Shimizu and T. Sakakiyama pp.179-194
Forecast of Shoreline Change Behind Multiple Coastal Structures H. Hanson and N. C. Kraus pp.195-213
Beach Changes Caused by Offshore Dredging T. Uda, C. Agemori and N. Chujo pp.215-226
Wave Control Functions and Design Principles of Composite Slope Rubble Mound Structures C. R. Ryu and T. Sawaragi pp.227-240
Boundary Condition in the Computation of Tides on a Beach of Straight Shoreline F. Imamura, C. Goto and N. Shuto pp.241-251
Design of a Step-type Interface Meter and Its Application to Field Observation of Interfacial Unsteady Motion in a Stratified Flow M. Ohtani, A. Saijo and I. Yakuwa pp.253-264

vol. 30, No.1, 1987

Title Author(s) Pages
Numerical Analysis of Surface Waves Using Lagrangian Description H. Nishimura and S. Takewaka pp.1-7
Second-Order Solution of Laminar Boundary Layer Flow Under Waves M. Mizuguchi pp.9-18
Evolution of Wave Groups in Shallow Water and Wave Group Properties of Random Waves H. Mase and Y. Iwagaki pp.19-32
A Parabolic Equation Model for Transformation of Irregular Waves due to Refraction, Diffraction and Breaking M. Isobe pp.33-47
On the Transformation of Directional Random Waves Under Combined Refraction and Diffraction T. Izumiya and K. Horikawa pp.49-65
Finite Element Analysis of Heat Transfer Under Tide/Storm Surge Conditions S. K. Woon Tou pp.67-87
Measurements of Oscillatory Turbulent Boundary Layer Flow Above Ripples with a Laser-Doppler Velocimeter Y. Sato, K. Shimosako and A. Watanabe pp.89-98
IN-Shitu Measurement of Wave-Induced Pore Pressure for Predicting Properties of Seabed Depisits Y. Maeno and T. Hasegawa pp.99-115
Irregular Wave Forces Acting on a Submerged Sphere K. Iwata, Norimi Mizutani and S. Kasai pp.117-130
Statistical Study on the Effect and Stability of Detached Breakwaters M. Seiji, T. Uda and S. Tanaka pp.131-141
The Effectiveness and Limit of Tsunami Control Forests N. Shuto pp.143-153

VOL. 30, No. 2, 1987

Title Author(s) Pages
Application of Low-Reynolds Number Turbulence Model to Oscillatory Bottom Boundary Layers Toshiyuki ASANO, Hitomi GODA and Yuichi IWAGAKI pp. 1-9
An Application of the K-ƒĂModel to Oscillatory Boundary Layers Ismail AYDIN and Nobuo SHUTO pp. 11-24
Experimental Study on the Wave Decay in an Opposing Wind Hiroichi TSURUYA pp. 25-43
Characteristics of Ocean Waves of Cape Nojima in the Northwestern Pacific, Measured with a Discus Buoy Koji Komune, Hiroshi SASAKI and Noriaki HASHIMOTO pp. 45-62
A Model of Undertow in the Surf Zone Yoshito TSUCHIYA, Takao YAMASHITA and Minoru UEMOTO pp. 63-73
Field Observation and Numerical Calculation of Suspended Sediment Concentration in the Surf Zone Makoto IFUKU pp. 75-88
Geometry of Sand Ripples and Net Sand Transport Rate Due to Regular and Irregular Oscillatory Flows Shinji SATO, Kuniaki MITANI and Akira WATANABE pp. 88-98
Topography Change Due to Floods and Recovery Process at the Abukuma River Mouth Masaki SAWAMOTO and Nobuo SHUTO pp. 99-117
Abstracts, Proceedings of the 34th Japanese Conference on Coastal Engineering pp. 119-140

VOL. 31, No. 1, 1988

Title Author(s) Pages
Wind-Forced Waves in Shallow Water, Part 1. Theory Yoshito TSUCHIYA and Shigeaki TSUTSUI pp. 1-22
Wind-Forced Waves in Shallow Water, Part 2. Theoretical Results and their Comparison with Laboratory and Field Data Yoshito TSUCHIYA and Shigeaki TSUTSUI pp. 23-37
Statistical Variability of Sea State Parameters as a Function of Wave Spectrum Yoshimi GODA pp. 39-52
Wave-Induced Oscillations in a Harbor with Arbitrary Reflectivity and Variable Depths Tadasu KUSAKA pp. 53-67
Energy, Momentum and Height of a Surging Front of Tsunami Hideo MATSUTOMI pp. 69-85
Numerical Simulation and Experiment on Tsunami Run-up Takaaki UDA, Atsushi OMATA, Yasuhisa YOKOYAMA and Shigeru YAMAKI pp. 87-104
Follow-Up Surveys of Artificially Nourished Beaches Yoshiaki KURIYAMA, Isao IRIE and Kazumasa KATOH pp. 105-120
Experimental Study on the Function of Submerged Breakwater to Control Corss-Shore Sediment Transport on Artificially Nourished Beaches Toru SAWARAGI, Ichiro DEGUCHI and Sang-Kill PARK pp. 121-130
Gentle-Slope Seawalls Faced with Armour Units Osamu TOYOSHIMA pp. 131-146
Characteristics of Hydraulic Damages to Breakwaters and Seawalls with Armor Blocks Ryoichi KAJIMA, Jitsuo TAKASHIMA, Shoji IMAIZUMI and Yasukazu TODA pp. 147-165
Effects of Wave Grouping on the Low-Frequency Motion of a Moored Rectangular Vessel and the Characteristics of Nonlinear Hydrodynamic Forces Toru SAWARAGI, Shinichi AOKI and Masayuki TAKADA pp. 167-182

VOL. 31, No. 2, 1988

Title Author(s) Pages
Estimation of Directional Spectrum through a Bayesian Approach Noriaki HASHIMOTO and Koji KOBUNE pp. 183-198
On the Reliability of the Wave Forecasting by the Multiple Regression Model Koji KOBUNE and Noriaki HASHIMOTO pp. 199-206
Field Measurement of Directional Spectra with Combined Systems of Wave Gages and Current Meters Takashi IZUMIYA, Masahiko ISOBE, Takuzo SHIMIZU, Takashi HOSOGAI and Toru AOKI pp. 207-217
Measurements of Near-Bottom Velocities in Random Waves on a Constant Slope Shinji SATO, Masaya FUKUHAMA and Kiyoshi HORIKAWA pp. 219-229
Wave Focusing Due to a Submerged Crescent Plate Kanji IMAI, Yoshinobu AKIYAMA and Kimiaki KUDO pp. 231-243
Truncation Error in Numerical Tsunami Simulation by the Finite Difference Method Fumihiko IMAMURA and Chiaki GOTO pp. 245-263
Bed Load Transport of Sediment with Non-Uniform Grain Size Due to Wave Motion Hitoshi TANAKA pp. 265-276
Field Observation of Three-Dimensional Large-Scale Eddies and Sediment Suspension in the Surf Zone Kazuo NADAOKA, Seizo UENO and Tatsuyuki IGARASHI pp. 277-287
Field Investigation of Sediment Movement into a Submarine Canyon off the Suruga Coast Takaaki UDA, Hiroshi TSUTSUMI and Atsushi OMATA pp. 289-303
Abstracts, Proceedings of the 35th Japanese Conference on Coastal Engineering pp. 305-331

VOL. 32, No. 1, 1989

Title Author(s) Pages
Interaction of Finite-Amplitude Waves with Current in Water of Slowly Varying Depth Mohammad DIBAJNIA, Masahiko ISOBE and Akira WATANABE pp. 1-14
Flow near Sand Ripples and Dissipation of Wave Energy Shunsuke IKEDA, Sgigeru KIZAKI Shuichi ISHII and Shunichi KURIBAYASHI pp. 15-36
Field Observation of Wave Direction at Sakata Port Using a Submerged Tower Fumikata IWATANI, Takujiro MIYAMOTO and Sinichiro MIYAI pp. 37-52
Transmission and Reflection Characteristics of Waves over a Submerged Flexible Mound Takumi OHYAMA, Masahiro TANAKA, Tetsushi KIYOKAWA, Takaaki UDA and Yoshimi MURAI pp. 53-68
Effects of Wave Grouping on the Stability of Breakwater Armor Units Toshihiko OKUNO, Nisayoshi UJI-IE and Masaki SAWAMOTO pp. 69-89
Development of Measuring Device and Field Test on Pore Water Pressure Fluctuation in the Seabed Yasuo TAKAGAKI, Takujiro MIYAMOTO, Shigeru YOSHINAGA, Yoshio HARUKI and Mineo SATO pp. 91-101
Seismic Prospecting Method Applied to the Detection Offshore Breakwater Units Setting in the Seabed Takujiro MIYAMOTO, Shigeru YOSHINAGA, Fujio SOGA, Kenkichi SHIMIZU, Ryoichi KAWAMATA and Mineo SATO pp. 103-112
Methodology of Beach Erosion Control and Its Application Yoshiaki KAWATA pp. 113-132
Field Investigation of Disintegration Process of a River Mouth Bar Due to Flood Flow at Abukuma River Takashi SASAKI, Takaaki UDA and Ken TONE pp. 133-147

VOL. 32, No. 2, 1989

Title Author(s) Pages
Long-Wave Component in Near-bottom Velocities under Random Waves on a Gentle Slope Shinji SATO, Taro ISAYAMA and Tomoya SHIBAYAMA pp. 149-159
Sediment Transport Rate in Wave-current Coexistent Field Tomoya SHIBAYAMA, Shinji SATO, Hideyuki ASADA and Toshiyuki TEMMYO pp. 161-171
Field Investigation of Nearshore Current and Littoral Transport around Detached Breakwaters on the Kaike Coast Taro KAJI, Takaaki UDA and Yukio SUYAMA pp. 173-186
Feasibility of Short-Term Datings for Coastal Process Studies Ryuji KOH pp. 187-196
Prediction of Waves, Currents and Topographical Change around Submerged Offshore Breakwater Fumikata IWATANI, Takujiro MIYAMOTO, Masahiro MATSUSITA, Shigeru YOSHINAGA, Ryoichi KAWAMATA and Yuuhei ADACHI pp. 197-208
A Mathematical Model of Wave Transformation over a Submerged Breakwater Somchai ROJANAKAMTHORN, Masahiko ISOBE and Akira WATANABE pp. 209-234
Wave Damping Effects of a Submerged Vertical Thin Barrier Tsugio KONO pp. 235-255
Study on Pneumatic Wave Power Conversion System with Water Valve Rectifier Kuniya WATANABE, Hiroyuki NAKAGAWA and Masaki SAWAMOTO pp. 257-269
Abstracts, Proceedings of Coastal Engineering, JSCE Vol. 36 (in Japanese) pp. 271-303

VOL. 33, No. 1, 1990

Title Author(s) Pages
Correlation Analysis of VTR Picture for Estimating Velocity Fields in an Overturning Wave Hitoshi NISHIMURA and Satoshi TAKEWAKA pp.1-9
Application of a Piston-Type Absorbing Wavemaker to Irregular Wave Experiments Hiromaru HIRAKUCHI, Ryoichi KAJIMA and Takashi KAWAGUCHI pp. 11-24
Formulation of Friction Laws for Long Waves on a Smooth Dry Bed Koji FUJIMA and Nobuo SHUTO pp. 25-47
Reef-Zone Disaster Caused by Bore-Like Surf Beat Eizo NAKAZA and Mikio Hino pp. 49-61
Process of Berm Formation and Predominant Factors Determining Foreshore Change Takaaki UDA and Atsushi OMATA pp. 63-72
Water Purification around the Surf Zone Yoshihiko HOSOI, Hitoshi MURAKAMI, Tetsushi IWASAKI and Takumi MATSUMOTO pp. 73-87
Estimation of Due to Wave Breaking at Coastal Structures Yoshihiko HOSOI, Hitoshi MURAKAMI and Hiroshi MITSUI pp. 89-100
Estimation of Tidal Exchange and Dissolved Oxygen Balance in Uranouchi Bay Using a Two-Layer Box Model Yukihiro MUNEKAGE and Haruyasu KIMURA pp. 101-111

VOL. 33, No. 2, 1990

Title Author(s) Pages
Note on a Method to Separate Incident and Reflected Waves Masaru MIZUGUCHI pp. 113-117
A Numerical Model for Calculating Wave Height Distribution in a Harbor of Arbitrary Shape Noriyuki SATO, Masahiko ISOBE and Takashi IZUMIYA pp. 119-131
Breaking Conditions of Composite and Random Waves Shinji SATO, Motohisa OZAKI and Tomoya SHIBAYAMA pp. 133-143
Conditions for the Occurrence of Vortices Induced by Breaking Waves Daping ZHANG and Tsuguo SUNAMURA pp. 145-155
Dispersion in Oscillatory Flow Superimposed on Study Flow in Open Channel Katsuhiro FURUMOTO and Yoichi AWAYA pp. 157-171
Numerical Simulation as a Means of Warning for Near-Field Tsunami Nobuo SHUTO, Chiaki GOTO and Fumihiko IMAMURA pp. 173-193
Wave Forces Acting on Small Offshore Structures Minoru KUBOTA, Robert T. HUDSPETH and John W. LEONARD pp. 195-217
Laboratory Study on Sand Suspension Due to Breaking Waves Shinji SATO, Kiichi HOMMA and Tomoya SHIBAYAMA pp. 219-231
Abstracts, Proceedings of Coastal Engineering, JSCE Vol. 36 (in Japanese) pp. 233-265

VOL. 34, No. 1, 1991

Title Author(s) Pages
The Structure of Oscillatory Turbulent Boundary Layer over Rough Bed Masaki SAWAMOTO and Eiji SATO pp.1-14
Oscillatory Boundary Layer over a Sand Ripple Model Syunsuke IKEDA, Kiyoshi HORIKAWA, Hiroaki NAKAMURA and Kenji NOGUCHI pp. 15-29
Wave Diffraction and Forces Acting on a Spherical Structure Norimi MIZUTANI, Koichiro IWATA and Shigeharu MATSUOKA pp. 31-49
Field Experiment on Wave-Dissipating Effect of Artificial Reefs on the Niigata Coast Tatsuo HAMAGUCHI, Takaaki UDA, Chikara INOUE and Akira IGARASHI pp. 51-65
Vertical Diffusivity in Coastal Seas Yoshiyuki NAKAMURA , Norio HAYAKAWA and Hajime NISHIMURA pp. 67-80
Modeling of Ecological System Dynamics for Predicting the Effect of Seabed Treatment on Marine Fauna Takeshi HORIE and Takao HORIGUCHI pp. 81-92
Applicability of MOS-1 Satellite to Oceanographic Observation of Water Temperature and Quality Masafumi MIZUTORI, Naoaki KATANO, Kinya ODACHI and Michiko OISHI pp. 93-104
Sounds of Breaking Waves as a Factor Constituting Amenity in Beach Space Kazuo NADAOKA and Toshio TOKUMI pp. 105-116
Auditory Characteristics of Wave Sounds on Beaches Kazuo NADAOKA and Katsuhiko TAMASHIMA pp. 117-126

VOL. 34, No. 2, 1991

Title Author(s) Pages
An Approach to the Amplitude Distribution of Shallow-Water Swell Described as a Train of Solitons Takashi YASUDA, Toyoaki MISHIMA and Yoshito TSUCHIYA pp. 127-143
Wave Height Prediction in Unbounded Coastal Domains with Bathymetric Discontinuty Shigeaki TSUTSUI and Don P. LEWIS pp. 145-158
A Longshore Current Formula for Random Breaking Waves Yoshimi GODA and Noriyuki WATANABE pp. 159-175
A Study on Suspended Sediment Concentration and Sediment Transport Mechanism over Rippled Sand Bed Using a Turbulence Model Gohzoh TSUJIMOTO, Norio HAYAKAWA, Makoto ICHIYAMA, Yusuke HUKUSHIMA and Yoshiyuki NAKAMURA pp. 177-189
A Numerical Model of Beach Profile Change Due to Random Waves Shinji SATO and Norihiko MITSUNOBU pp. 191-204
Field Experiment on Sand Bypass off the Iioka Coast Takaaki UDA, Kimio NAITO and Yasutsugu KANDA pp. 205-221
Dynamic Behavior of Tautly Moored Semi-Submerged Structure with Pressurized Air-Chamber and Resulting Wave Transformation Do-Sam KIM and Koichiro IWATA pp. 223-242
Prediction and Attenuation of Wave-Induced Ship Motion in a Harbor Toru SAWARAGI and Shin-ichi AOKI pp. 243-265
Abstracts, Proceedings of Coastal Engineering, JSCE, Vol. 38 pp. 267-304

VOL. 35, No. 1, 1992

Title Author(s) Pages
Numerical Computation of Wave Transformation on Beaches Xiping YU, Masahiko ISOBE and Akira WATANABE pp. 1-19
Finite Element Solution of Wave Field around Structure in Nearshore Zone Xiping YU, Masahiko ISOBE and Akira WATANABE pp. 21-33
A Numerical Model for Nonlinear Wave Transformation in Nearshore Zone by Multi-Step Finite Characteristic Method Xiping YU, Masahiko ISOBE and Akira WATANABE pp. 35-48
Multi-Level Model for Hydrodynamic Circulation and Dispersion Process in Bays Tomoya SHIBAYAMA and Pun K. LEUNG pp. 49-66
Prediction of Near-Bottom Velocity History by a Nonlinear Dispersive Wave Model Shinji SATO, Micheal B. KABILING and Hidenori SUZUKI pp. 67-82
An Explicit Expression of Friction Coefficient for Wave-Current Coexistent Motion Hitoshi TANAKA pp. 88-91
Bottom Shear Stress in Coexistent Field of Superimposed Waves and Current and Scouring around a Large-Scale Circular Cylinder Hidehiro KATSUI and Takao TOUE pp. 93-110
Beach Changes around a Sand Spit -The Example of Mihono-Matsubara- Takaaki UDA and Koji YAMAMOTO pp. 111-128
Application of a Two-Layer Box Model to Dissolved Oxygen Budget in Uranouchi Bay Yukihiro MUNEKAGE and Haruyasu KIMURA pp. 129-145

VOL. 35, No. 2, 1992

Title Author(s) Pages
Diffraction of Second-Order Long-Period Waves by Discontinuous offshore Breakwaters Wataru KIOKA pp. 147-165
Interactions of Waves and Current (Part I: Experimental investigation) Seree SUPHARATID, Hitoshi TANAKA and Nobuo SHUTO pp. 167-186
Interactions of Waves and Current (Part II: Numerical computation) Seree SUPHARATID, Hitoshi TANAKA and Nobuo SHUTO pp. 187-204
Experimental Study on Hydraulic Characteristics of Gentle-Slope Seawalls Faced with Armour Units Toshihiko TAKAHASHI, Nobuo SHUTO and Atsushi NUMATA pp. 205-221
A Numerical Study of Wave Pressure Reduction Acting on Quays Using a Submerged Inclined Plate Ching-Yue YUEH and Yi-Yu KUO pp. 223-244
Characteristics of Pneumatic Wave Power Conversion System with Water Valve Rectifier Kuniya WARANABE, Hiroyuki NAKAGAWA, Masaki SAWAMOTO and Michhiro OHTOMO pp. 245-261
Abstracts, Proceedings of Coastal Engineering, JSCE, Vol. 39 pp. 263-304

VOL. 36, No. 1, 1993

Title Author(s) Pages
Wave-Induced Oscillations in Harbours with Dissipating Quays Chung-Ren CHOU and Wen-Yu HAN pp. 1-23
The Similarity of Horizontal Diffusivity in the Tidal Hydraulic Model Norio HAYAKAWA pp. 25-36
Wave Overtopping Rate Over a Vertical Wall and Reflection Coefficient Masaru MIZUGUCHI pp. 37-47
Vertical Distribution of Suspended Sediment Concentration in and outside Surf Zone Tomoya SHIBAYAMA and Rattanapitikon WINYU pp. 49-65
A Visco-Elastic-Plastic for Wave-Mud Interaction Tomoya SHIBAYAMA and Nguyen Ngoc AN pp. 67-89
Vertical Distribution of Sand Transport Rate by Wind Shintaro HOTTA and Kiyoshi HORIKAWA pp. 91-110

VOL. 36, No. 2, 1993

Title Author(s) Pages
Prediction of Field Swash and Reflected Wave Distributions Susumu KUBOTA, Masaru MIZOGUCHI and Mitsuo TAKEZAWA pp. 111-131
Deformation of Nonlinear Waves on a Rectangular Step Wughipong KITTITANASUAN, Yoshimi GODA and Takashi SHIOBARA pp. 133-153
Jump Condition of Energy Flux at the Line of Bathymetric Discontinuity and Wave Breaking on the Reef Flat Shigeaki TSUTSUI and Ken ZAMAMI pp. 155-175
Second-Order Wave Interaction with Vertical Cylinder of Arbitrary Cross Section Keisuke MURAKAMI and Akinori YOSHIDA pp. 177-194
Two-Dimensional Nonlinear Dispersive Wave-Current and Three-Dimensional Beach Deformation Model Micheal B. KABILING and Shinji SATO pp. 195-212
Formative Process of Dungeness Foreland Facing the Strait of Dover Takaaki UDA and Koji YAMAMOTO pp. 213-228
Beach Changes Caused by Elongation of Breakwater of Kashiwazaki Port Takaaki UDA Kenji NOGUCHI pp. 229-244
Abstracts, Proceedings of Coastal Engineering, JSCE, Vol. 40 pp. 245-290

VOL. 37, No. 1, 1994

Title Author(s) Pages
A Study on the Nonlinearity of Nearshore Water Waves Chung-Ching CHIEN and Yi-Yu KUO pp. 1-21
Boundary Layer Developed near Surging Front Akira MANO pp. 23-39
A 2-D Vertical Model for Wave and Current in the Surf Zone Based on the Turbulent Flow Equations Tomoya SHIBAYAMA and Nguyen T. DUY pp. 41-65
A Numerical Model for Nonlinear Waves and Beach Evolution Including Swash Zone Michael B. KABILING and Shinji SATO pp. 67-86
Beach Changes Caused by Obstruction of Longshore Sand Transport: An Example of the Hidaka Coast in Hokkaido Takaaki UDA and Koji YAMAMOTO pp. 87-106
Beach Erosion Caused by Obstruction of Littoral Drift and Decrease of Sand Supply from Receding Cliffs: An Example of a Coast between Northern Fukushima and Southern Miyagi Takaaki UDA and Kenji NOGUCHI pp. 107-123

VOL. 37, No. 2, 1994

Title Author(s) Pages
Measurement of Current Velocity Generated in Swash Zone by Obliquely Incident Waves Toshiyuki ASANO, Hiroyumi SUETOMI and Junichi HOSHIKURA pp. 125-136
Time-Varying Bottom Friction Due to Waves and Current Interacting at an Arbitrary Angle Hitoshi TANAKA pp. 137-151
Second-Order Interactions between Water Waves and a Submerged Horizontal Plate Haruyuki KOJIMA, Akinori YOSHIDA and Takeshi IJIMA pp. 153-172
Field Investigation on Development and Deformation Processes of Sand Body on Ajigaura Beach Takaaki UDA pp. 173-188
Utilization of Sand Color Information for Estimation of Sediment Supply on Beach Masaki SAWAMOTO, Masatomo NAGAO and Michio SATO pp. 189-199
Sea-Level Change along the Japan Coast and its Causes Kazuo MURAKAMI and Kuniaki YAMADA pp. 201-218
Abstracts, Proceedings of Coastal Engineering, JSCE, Vol. 41 pp. 219-268

VOL. 38, No. 1, 1995

Title Author(s) Pages
Radiation Stress Approach to Generation of Long Waves by a Wave Group in a Flume Masaru MIZUGUCHI pp. 1-4
Characteristics of Currents Induced by Low Pressures in the Japan Sea Shinji SATO pp. 5-18
Wave Forces on Vertical Circular Cylinder with Small Diameter under Two-Crossing Waves Yoon-Koo KANG, Takashi TOMITA, Kstsuhiko KURATA and Koichiro IWATA pp. 19-38
Experimental Study on Wave-Current Interactions around a Large-Scale Cylinder Ming-Chung LIN and Sung-Shan HSIAO pp. 39-61
Bar Topography Changes Associated with a Dredged Hole off the Niyodo River Mouth Takaaki UDA, Akira TAKAHASHI and Masato FUJII pp. 63-88
Studies on Bottom Water Exchange and Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Budget Due to Water Intrusion in Uranouchi Bay Yukihiro MUNEKAGE pp. 89-103

VOL. 38, No. 2, 1995

Title Author(s) Pages
A Simple Analysis of Long Wave Generation by Time-Varying Breakpoint Masaru MIZUGUCHI pp. 105-110
Characteristics of Long Waves Trapped by Conical Island Koji FUJIMA, Dede YULIADI, Chiaki GOTO, Kenjiro HAYASHI and Toshiyuki SHIGEMURA pp. 111-132
Propagation of Hokkaido Nansei-Oki Earthquake Tsunami around Cape Aonae Kenji NOGUCHI, Shinji SATO and Shigenobu TANAKA pp. 133-142
Experiments on Sediment Transport in Sheet-Flow Regime under Oscillatory Flow Liya LI and Masaki SAWAMOTO pp. 143-156
Multi-phase Model on Sediment Transport in Sheet-Flow Regime under Oscillatory Flow Liya LI and Masaki SAWAMOTO pp. 157-178
Sheet Flow Transport Formula Extended and Applied to Horizontal Plane Problems Mohammad DIBAJNIA pp. 179-194
Rheological Properties of Soft Mud and a Numerical Model for Its Motion under Waves Qin JIANG and Akira WATANABE pp. 195-214
Abstracts, Proceedings of Coastal Engineering, JSCE, Vol. 42 pp. 215-267

VOL. 39, No. 1, 1996

Title Author(s) Pages
Analytical Solution of Non-Periodic Wave Generation and Its Inverse Problems Masaru MIZUGUCHI pp. 1-9
Numerical Study on Resistance Formula for Turbulent Airflow over Wind Waves Koji FUJIMA, Noriyuki TAKANE, Kenjiro HAYASHI and Toshiyuki SHIGEMURA pp. 11-25
An Estimation Method of Gorge Section at a Small River Mouth Hitoshi TANAKA and Takato ITO pp. 27-38
Breaker-Type Effect on Impact Pressure Exerted on a Vertical Wall Seyed Ali AZARMASA, Takashi YASUDA and Hidemi MUTSUDA pp. 39-57
Field Test on a Semi-Circular Caisson Breakwater Shinsuke ABURATANI, Takashi KOIZUKA, Hiroshi SASAYAMA, Katutoshi TANIMOTO and Nobutaka NAMERIKAWA pp. 59-78
Effects of the Characteristics of Cyclones Hitting Noakhali-Cox's Bazar Coast on Storm-Surges in the Meghna Estuary Junaid Amin AS-SALEK and Takashi YASUDA pp. 79-110

VOL. 39, No. 2, 1996

Title Author(s) Pages
Numerical Generation and Propagation of Periodical Waves in Time Domain Chung-Ren CHOU and Ruey-Syan SHIN pp. 111-127
Effects of Winds and Breaking Waves on Large-Scale Coastal Currents Developed by Winter Storms in Japan Sea Shinji SATO pp. 129-144
A Numerical Analysis of Multiple Cylinders in Wave-Current Field Chung-Ren CHOU and Shinn-Shan YAN pp. 145-163
Response of Pro-Elastic Seabed to a 3-D Wave System: A Finite Element Analysis Yee-Shown LIN and Dong-Sheng JENG pp. 165-183
Influences of Land Reclamation Near The River Mouth on River Plume Spreading Kenji NAKATSUJI, Song Yeol CHOI and Seizo YAMAMI pp. 185-198
Abstracts, Proceedings of Coastal Engineering, JSCE, Vol. 43 pp. 199-253

VOL. 40, No.1, 1998

Title Author(s) Pages
An Over of Coastal Engineering with Emphasis on Random Wave Approach Y. Goda pp. 1-21
Numerical Computations of the Nonlinear Energy Transfer of Gravity-Wave Spectra in Finite Water Depths N. Hashimoto, H. Tsuruya and Y. Nakagawa pp. 23-40
Model Equations of Nonlinear Dispersive Waves in Shallow Water and an Application of its Simplified Version to Wave Evolution on the Step-Type Reef S. Tsutsui, K. Suzuyama and H. Ohki pp. 41-60
Effects of Particle Properties on Oscillatory Sheet-Flow Dynamics A. Y. Bakhtiary and T. Asano pp. 61-80
Theoretical and Experimental Investigation on Laminar Boundary Layers Under Cnoidal Wave Motion H. Tanaka, B. M. Sumer and C. Lodahl pp. 81-98
The Characteristics of Scouring and Depositing in Front of Vertical Breakwaters by Broken Clapotis X. Gao and K. Inouchi pp. 99-113
Beach Erosion of Futtsu-Misaki Cuspate Spits Separating Tokyo Bay and Uraga Channel T. Uda and Y. Kanda pp. 115-130

VOL. 40, No. 2, 1998

Title Author(s) Pages
Nonlinear Wave-Induced Seabed instability Around Coastal Structures N. Mizutani and A. M. Mostafa pp. 131-160
Modification of Wave Propagation Angle with Tapered-Submerged Breakwater and its Performance Evaluation through Wave Field Decomposition Analysis S. Takewaka and I. Irie pp. 161-175
Analysis of Dispersion and Shoaling Characteristics of Linearized Mild-Slope Equations Z. Peixi and M. Isobe pp. 177-189
A Modified Leap-Frog Scheme for Linear Shallow-Water Dquations Y-S. Cho and S. B. Yoon pp. 191-205
Hydrodynamic Forces Acting on Arbitrary-Shaped Offshore Structures Subjected to Seismic Excitation T. Takahashi and K. Bando pp. 207-221

VOL. 40, No. 3, 1998

Title Author(s) Pages
Development of Eelgrass (Zostera marina) Bed Utilizing Sand Drift Control Mats M. Ifuku and H. Hayashi pp. 223-239
Modelling of Time-Dependent Sand Transport at the Bottom Boundary Layer in the Surf Zone T. Shibayama and I. Nistor pp. 241-263
A Nonlinear Model of Monochromatic Waves on Steady Currents Over Gradually Varying Bottoms X. Yu, M. Isobe and A. Watanabe pp. 265-290
A Generation Method of Asymmetric Oscillatory Motion Simulating Cnoidal Waves H. Tanaka, H. Yamaji, A. Sana and N. Shuto pp. 291-306

VOL. 40, No. 4, 1998

Title Author(s) Pages
Breaking Wave Height on Horizontal Bed Affected by Approach Slope Y. Goda and K. Morinobu pp. 307-326
Energy Dissipation Model for Regular and Irregular Breaking Waves W. Rattanapitikon and T. Shibayama pp. 327-346
Wave Characteristics on the Central Coast of Vietnam in the South China Sea K. Nagai, S. Kono and D. X. Quang pp. 347-366
Analytical Solution for Wave-Induced Seabed Response in a Soil-Water Two-Phase Mixture M. Yuhi and H. Ishida pp. 367-381
Author Index pp. 383-384

VOL. 41, No1, 1999

Title Author(s) Pages
A Comparative Review on the Functional Forms of Directional Wave Spectrum Y. Goda pp. 1-20
Coastal Bathymetry from the Wave Spectrum of SPOT Images L-G. Leu, Y-Y. Kuo and C-T. Liu pp. 21-41
Erosion Characteristics of Sea Cliff on the Fukushima Coast A. Mano and S. Suzuki pp. 43-63
Wave Scattering by Submerged Vertical Plate-Type Breakwater Using Composite BEM C-Y. Yueh and D-H. Tsaur pp. 65-83
Depth-Limited Oscillatory Boundary Layers on a Rough Bottom H. Tanaka, A. Sano, I. Kawamura and H. Yamaji pp. 85-105

VOL. 41, No.2, 1999

Title Author(s) Pages
Drift of C-Heavy Oil Spilled from A Russian Tanker "Nakhodka" on Kanazawa Seashore and Its Bioremediation by Marine Hydrocarbon Degrading Bacteria E. Itagaki and H. Ishida pp. 107-119
Wave Group Forcing of Low Frequency Surf Zone Motion M. C. Haller, U. Putrevu, J. Oltman-Shay and R. A. Dalrymple pp. 121-136
A Bayesian Approach for Estimation of Directional Wave Spectra with HF Radar N. Hashimoto and M. Tokuda pp. 137-149
Propagation of Obliquely Incident Tsunamis on a Slope Part I: Amplification of Tsunamis on a Continental Slope S. Koshimura, F. Imamura and N. Shuto pp. 151-164
Propagation of Obliquely Incident Tsunamia on a Slope Part II: Amplification of Tsunamis on a Continental Slope S. Koshimura, F. Imamura and N. Shuto pp. 165-182
On Dispersion Property of Mild Slope Equation S. Abohadima and M. Isobe pp. 183-200

VOL. 41, No. 3 & 4, 1999

Title Author(s) Pages
Numerical Simulation of Breaking and Post-Breaking Wave Deformation Process Around a Submerged Breakwater K. Kawasaki pp. 201-223
A Numerical Study of Sinusoidal Oscillatory Flows around a Vertical Wall-mounted Circular Cylinder M. Yuhi, H. Ishida and S. Umeda pp. 225-246
Numerical Models with Reynolds Equation Based Energy Dissipation for Plunging Breakers on a Uniform Slope F. Yamada and K. Takikawa pp. 247-267
Relationships of Plunging Jet Size to Kinematics of Breaking Waves with Spray and Entrained Air Bubbles T. Yasuda, H. Mutsuda, N. Mizutani and H. Matsuda pp. 269-280
Three Dimensional Large Eddy Simulation of Breaking Waves Y. Watanabe and H. Saeki pp. 281-301
Lagrangian Simulation of Breaking Waves using Particle Method H. Gotoh and T. Sakai pp. 303-326
A Computational Method for Two-Phase Flow with a Moving Boundary Based on a GAL Model Y. Nihei and K. Nadaoka pp. 327-340
Author Index pp. 341-342

VOL. 42, No. 1, 2000

Title Author(s) Pages
Simple Model for Undertow Profile W. Rattamapitikon and T. Shibayama pp. 1-30
Wave Climate and Large-Scale Coastal Processes in Terms of Boundary Conditions Z. Pruszak, R. Ostrowski, M. Skaja and M. Szmytkiewicz pp. 31-56
A Sensitivity Study for the Second Order Reliability-Based Design Model of Rubble Mound Breakwater C.E. Balas and A. Ergin pp. 57-86
Long Waves and the Change in Cross-Shore Sediment Transport Rates on a Sheet Flow Dominated Beach M. Dibajnia and W. Kioka pp. 87-100
Spectrum-Based Prediction Model for Random Wave Transformation over Arbitrary Bottom Topography H. Mase and T. Kitano pp. 111-151

VOL. 42, No. 2, 2000

Title Author(s) Pages
Distribution of the Highest Wave in a Record S. R. Massel and R. J. Sobey pp. 153-173
Runup of Tsunami with Transient Wave Profiles Incident on a Conical Island K. Fujima, M. J. Briggs and D. Yuliadi pp. 175-195
Determination of Grid Size for Leap-Frog Finite Difference Model to Simulate Tsunamis Around a Conical Island K. Fujima and T. Shigemura pp. 197-210
Generation and Propagation of Tsunami Accompanying Edge Waves on a Uniform Sloping Shelf K. Fujima, R. Dozono and T. Shigemura pp. 211-236
Performance of a Flexible Membrane Wave Barrier of a Finite Vertical Extent E. Y. M. Lo pp. 237-251
Scattering of Irregular Waves by Vertical Cylinders W. S. Park, B. H. Kim, K. D. Suh and K. S. Lee pp. 253-271

VOL. 42, No. 3, 2000

Title Author(s) Pages
The Sensor Insertion System, an Installation Alternative at Duck, NC, USA H. C. Miller pp. 273-294
Dilution Characteristics of Thermal Diffusers in Coastal Regions with Strong Current I. W. Seo, D. Yu and H. S. kim pp. 295-319
Laboratory Observations of Triad Interaction of Deep Water Wind Waves K. D. Suh, S. H. Oh, N. Hashimoto and K. Ahn pp. 321-337
Generation and Propagation of Tsunami Accompanying Edge Waves on a Uniform Sloping Shelf K. Fujima, R. Dozono and T. Shigemura pp. 339-339

VOL. 42, No. 4, 2000

Title Author(s) Pages
Sea Surface Temperature and Net Heat Flux Variation in the Gulf of Thailand using Buoy, Meteorological and Remote Sensing Data R. K. Gautam, S. Vongvisessomjai and S. Kazama pp. 341-356
A Reliability Design Method of Caisson Breakwaters with Optimal Wave Heights Y. Goda and H. Takagi pp. 357-387
Verification and Modification of Breaker Height Formulas W. Rattanapitikon and T. Shibayama pp. 389-406
Atmospheric and Oceanic Forcings on the Spring Coastal Thermal Environment in the Kuroshio / Oyashio Frontal Region C-S. Yang pp. 407-425
Scattering of Irregular Waves by Vertical Cylinders W. S. Park, B. H. Kim, K. D. Suh and K. S. Lee pp. 427-427
Author Index pp. 429-430