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I’ve been in this relationship for 12 years, to say the least it’s been a very rocky road. Lately he has been criticizing everything I do or say, I’m wrong and he is always right. He tells me things like I’m demanding and self centered, If I say anything I’m wrong, I’m stupid and I know nothing. I do not demand this man to do anything, if asking him to take me home after a night out because I’ve had enough , he tells me I’m demanding,. He complains about everything , from letting him starve because I didn’t make sure he ate that day, because I didn’t cook, he’s a grown man and if he’s hungry it shouldn’t be my responsibility if he didn’t eat. We have strange schedules that doesn’t allow the normal time for dinner and for God sake who wants to cook a big meal at 3am when he decides he wants to eat. He blames me for his lack of nutrition, but when I do plan to cook he doesn’t want it then. I’m dammed if I do and dammed if I don’t. But his constant putting me down is hurtful and when I say anything it just leads into a big argument. And if I ignore his comments he keeps pushing my buttons until I loose it, the he tells me I’m the mean one. What ever goes wrong in his life from loosing something or anything else is’ always my fault I’m not a bad person nor a mean one but he keeps pushing until I loose my temper. I’m at the end of my rope. I don’t know how to handle him ……………….loosing it here

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