E-mail title: Invitation to Coastal Engineering Journal

(This is a message from Prof. Yoshimi Goda, Honorable Editor of Coastal Engineering Journal.)

Dear Colleague,

Have you ever had an opportunity of looking at the international journal ?Coastal Engineering Journal (CEJ)? published jointly by the Coastal Engineering Committee of the Japan Society of Civil Engineers and World Scientific Publishing, Inc.?

CEJ has evolved from ?Coastal Engineering in Japan (CEJ),? when World Scientific undertook the managing responsibility of the journal in 1998 and keeps the consecutive volume numbers from the old CEJ. I myself has published a number of papers in both the old and new CEJs, which you may have the occasion of seeing their titles in references. You can have detailed information on the new CEJ ?Coastal Engineering Journal? at the website http://www.worldscinet.com/cej/cej.shtml, including how to subscribe to CEJ.

CEJ is a peer-reviewed quarterly journal, the papers in which are listed in the Scientific Citation Index Expanded. It is one of journals with the shortest turn-around time for the prospective paper. The authors are assured of the reviewers? comments within four months after their manuscript is received by the editorial board. Prof. Tomoya Shibayama, Editor-in-Chief, designates a responsible editor for each manuscript and the latter picks up three reviewers including or excluding the responsible editor himself. CEJ will soon make the review process transparent by listing the record of the process on the website.

Nowadays, publishing a paper in the proceedings of an international conference is not regarded as the scientific/engineering accomplishment. Only the papers accepted in a peer-reviewed journal are counted as the academic merits of respective scientists/engineers. You may consider ?Coastal Engineering Journal? as a good means to publish your accomplishment and to let other colleagues know about it. Your manuscript will be swiftly reviewed and commented for possible publication. 

Respectfully yours,

Prof. Tomoya Shibayama

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