* Country Distribution of Submitted Papers [#gdc3bbc3]
- 2008 (January to August):25
-- Canada 1, China(Hong Kong) 1, India 3, Indonesia 1, Iran 2, Japan 6, Korea
1, Malaysia 1, Netherlands 1, Poland 1, Thailand 1, Turkey 2, USA 4

In order to receive more submissions of papers, we will send message to
CoastalList including more information such as contents and some selected
sample papers available in web site.

* Ratio of Acceptance [#qa5d4317]
From 2006 to 2007, 39 papers were accepted and 75 were submitted. The
percentage is 52%

From 2004 to 2005, 30 papers were accepted and 96 were submitted. The
percentage is 31%.

From 2002 to 2003, 37 papers were accepted and 77 papers were submitted.
The percentage is 48 %.

* CEJ Award [#z9b4005c]

CEJ Award 2007 is now under selection process.  Please send your vote to Prof.Mizutani in one week from today.

- 2006 None
- 2005 Lagrangian Particle Method for Simulation of Wave Overtopping on a Vertical, Seawall H Gotoh, H Ikari, T Memita and T Sakai

* Special Issue [#n2a50d57]
Possible titles of the issue:
+ Storm surge
+ State of arts of hydrodynamic modeling----(velocity field in the vicinity of structures----).
Please send your ideas to our editorial mailing list.

* Country Distribution of Subscribers [#k90ed034]
- Volume 49: Total 141
Japan 50, USA 21, Netherlands 17, UK 9, China 7, Taiwan 5, Italy 5, Australia 4, France 3, India 3, Korea 3, Spain 3, Canada 2, Denmark 1, Germany 1, Iran 1, Malaysia 1, Norway 1, Poland 1, Portugal 1, Singapore 1, Thailand 1)

We will do more efforts to increase the number.

We will participate  in "coastal engineer association" that is newly established in USA and will send more information to colleagues in coastal engineering.

* Technical Note [#o2cf9c09]
Technical note : Technical notes present original and practically useful information, or concisely presented research results. Maximum page is around 10 pages in final format.

* Book Review [#tfb94cf8]
We will start to publish book reviews.  The first one will be on "Beach and Dune Restoration" published from Cambridge University Press.

* Editorial process [#h2a8c683]
Proposal for Switching CEJ Review to Editorial Manager (Dr. Mori)

Basically we will switch to the Editorial Manager  system.  We will move to trials and training stage.

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