• Subject
    • CEJ Editorial Meeting
  • Date
    • September 4, 2006
  • Location
    • San Diego
  • Attendance
    • Y. Goda, A. Okayasu, M. Larson, H. Tanaka, H. Yokoki, I. Nistor, R. Cox, J. Melby, N. Mori. J. Hsu, T. Shibayama

1. Increase number of submission

  • Increase topic of subject as beach restoration (JH)
  • Young researcher Award with travel expense for conference (RC)
  • AD for US to be well known (JM)
  • Link CEJ web site to ASCE or COPRI and etc. (IN)
  • Send email to ICCE attendance (YG)
  • Ask WSPC people to effective display at the conference (JS)
  • Putting information of forthcoming paper (NM)

2. Increase quality of paper

  • Check the quality of published journal by the individual editors (TS, YG)
  • Read and put correct order of papers in special issue. The preface should be referred all information of papers. (JS)

3. Refine Review Process

  • Show statistics of accepted paper categorized by research subject (JS)
  • Show statistics from submission to publication
  • Transparent review process for authors (NM)
      -> making web site for review process (by NM)

4. Special Issue

  • Topic: storm surge, structure, real project, life cycle assessment
      and combination of two of them

5. ETC

  • New coming IAHR Asian journal (HT)
     -> talk with WSPC (by TS)

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